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I have been thinking a lot about my family lately. The little part of it that just started with my parents and my brother and me and has grown over the past decade or so to include our spouses, kiddos and extended loved ones who are somehow related and a few who really aren’t but we feel they are. Even with all of those additions, we are still a pretty small bunch. And thankfully we are really close and enjoy each others’ company. Not to say that we can’t drive each other crazy at times too, but there is always humor and never drama. I couldn’t be more grateful for that last sentence. It’s been that way my whole life.
Jill-Smith-family-time-02I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks over the holidays with my family vacationing. It was my favorite gift of the season by far to be in the presence of these amazing people and to have a blank to-do list. My husband likes to joke that I cannot sit still, and he is pretty spot-on there. But while on this holiday ‘break’ with my family, that is essentially what I did. Although, I should clarify, there are little kids involved so there was really no actually sitting still, yet more my mind was still and content. Present. I feel this in my everyday life as well, but I often start to make lists or think of what needs doing.
Jill-Smith-family-time-03But here I am a month later and still feeling the happy effects of our holiday. I hope to carry it far into 2014 and beyond. To focus and work when it’s time and to completely play when it’s not. Falling asleep with the kiddos at 7:30 pm accidentally, but deciding to stay put. Choosing to pick up a basketball and practice my own dribbling skills when my kids are, instead of picking up a broom and sweeping the porch while they dribble. Listening fully. Being silly (have to admit that one comes way too easy for me). Soaking up conversation heard from both the youngest and the oldest and begging my brain to remember as much as it possibly can.
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria who we were so happy to have join us for a whole day during our family holiday time.


“I really regret playing,” said no one ever. Here is where I will share a photo that could make me happy forever. If you’d like to see all of the photos in my PLAY, PLAY, PLAY series, click here.

{ Two chickens and one silly goose. }Jill-Smith-play-play-play-08Feliz fin de semana everyone!
Photograph by Rebecca Sanabria.


Jill-Smith-valentine-collection-launchCupid says it would make his life a whole lot easier if you’d send out some Valentines this year. Speaking from experience, if a little naked cherub asks you to do something, you do it. My Valentine photo card collection for Tiny Prints found here. And classroom cards for the kiddos here.

Photograph by Rebecca Sanabria who is already taken. Sorry, boys.


Jill Smith Shutterfly magnets
We have an extra refrigerator in our home, lovingly referred to as the “beer fridge”. It’s smaller than a regular fridge and while it’s not ugly, it’s definitely not pretty. And since it’s in our laundry room, I spend quite a lot of time looking at it while I fold little boy underwear. Over the holidays a spark of inspiration struck and it’s stark white front would not be staring at me much longer.

I’ve seen some cleverly wrapped refrigerators that I think are beautiful. Exhibit A. But I ended up going with Shutterfly magnets for 2 main reasons. First, I wanted something that wouldn’t take much time to do. And second, since I haven’t been very efficient recently at printing, framing and hanging current family photos (I reeeaaaaally love family photos) this was a great way to get some recent shots in our home and in our hands. This fridge now makes me so happy every time I look at it. And the fact that our kiddos can talk about each photo, move them around and laugh at them is a huge bonus. I plan to order a handful at a time every few months to keep up with our ever growing and ever changing kiddos.
Jill Smith Shutterfly magnets
PS. It has never looked the same as the day I first put them up in perfect lines. But I like the way the kids have made it theirs too. And there’s always a little pile of magnets on the floor that didn’t make it back up before those little hands moved on to the next exciting thing for the day.

Magnets are 3” x 3” from Shutterfly. I ordered when they had one of their 50% off promo codes.
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria who helped me put all of those lovely things on top of the fridge that are not normally there but looked way better in the photo than the incredibly dusty top of said fridge.

Paul - Wonderful idea Jill, I sure miss all your radiant faces! Love seeing the fun pictures so thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!


Megan - Cute idea! Love seeing all those pictures!! I bet the kids love playing with those!!

Jenny - Amazingly cool and awesome. Like you. xo