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“I really regret playing,” said no one ever. Here is where I will share a single photo of a moment that could make me happy forever. I’d like to give credit for the idea to a similar one from Amanda Soule whose blog I adore. If you’d like to see all of the photos in my PLAY, PLAY, PLAY series, click here.

{ How we should ALL drink hot cocoa. }
Feliz fin de semana everyone!
Photo by Rebecca Sanabria.

2013 Holiday Collection

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….but it wasn’t back in March, which is when I was working on this year’s holiday card collection. So what’s a designer to do to get in the holiday spirit when it’s hot as heck and you’re wearing shorts? You turn on the Christmas music and drink hot cocoa in your cutest summer tank top. True story. My kiddos were a tad confused, but that’s okay. It’s good to keep them guessing.
holiday collection 01
I think you’ll be able to tell how much fun I had working on these holiday cards by the bright colors, the touch of sparkle and shine as well as the fun and festive hand lettering.
Jill Smith holiday collection photo shoot
Shop my collection at Tiny Prints or Shutterfly.
Photo by Rebecca Sanabria.