“I really regret playing,” said no one ever. Here is where I will share a photo that could make me happy forever. If you’d like to see all of the photos in my PLAY, PLAY, PLAY series, click here.

{ Fire pole. Also know as a “dinner is ready” pole. }
Feliz fin de semana everyone!
Photograph by Brooke Schwab.

The Dude - What sound does happy make?


Jill-Smith-little-things-01I’m a huge fan of little things that add happiness to my day. These tiny wooden creatures were delivered to my doorstep by a very old and dear friend. How nice is that? They’ve been sitting on my desk, silently cheering me on this morning while I work.

This got me thinking about two other little things that are getting quite big that add the most happiness to my days. My little munchkin kiddos are changing daily and growing up quickly but their little voices still say the most wonderful little things. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

“When you coughed it really scared my ear.”

“Mommy, that man just glittered.” (littered)

“Actually, I do it myself.”

“But mommy, I haven’t had a marshmallow in 100 days.”

“Is edamame very healthy or medium healthy?”

“Chicken poop excuse me.”

“Swing me your highest big so I can reach the clouds.”

See my Pinterest board with loads of little lovely things to look at here.
Photograph by Brooke Schwab.


Jill-Smith-good-snugglesSometimes on the weekends I sneak into my studio late at night and work when every one else is sleeping. It’s a still and silent time and, weirdly enough, a crazy inspired time for me. It’s when I draw out the ideas that have been building up in my head all day. And for the past few months, it’s when I’ve been creating a variety of new products for a variety of new people. But this weekend I’ll be diving into bed next to my munchkins and snoring until morning when a little nose is smushed up to my face saying, “I’mmmm huuunnngggrrryyyy Mommmmmmyyyyy”.  I am looking forward to a lot of that this weekend. We have a birthday to celebrate, family coming in town, water balloons to be thrown and toasts to be made. But before I leave the studio today to do a whole lot of not working, I want to share a few projects that are debuting from some of those late nights working.

I’ve continued my work with Baby2Baby this year. Remember the playdate last April? Well, we are doing another one to celebrate the holidays. Soon I’ll be back in LA helping another group of kiddos celebrate the season by creating some holiday art. I have also teamed up with Tiny Prints to design a line of everyday stationery in collaboration with Baby2Baby. Every time one of these designs is purchased, a portion goes directly to Baby2Baby to help purchase items these children need. To view the collection, click here (be sure to scroll down, they are at the bottom of the page). As the holidays near, we will also launch a set of holiday photo cards benefiting Baby2Baby in the same way. Once it launches, I will share it here. I am so grateful and happy to design and share with these kiddos.

Holiday products are launching everywhere. I work on holiday ideas year-round so it is always fulfilling to see these designs launch. This year there are some really clever ways to further customize each design to make it uniquely yours. There will be much more on that to come, as well as party invitations, corporate greetings, ornaments and more. Until then, you can view my Tiny Prints holiday photo card collection and my Shutterfly holiday photo card collection. I’m still trying to pick which one to use for my family, but this one is in the lead.

Since it’s officially the weekend, it’s time for me to stop tapping on my keyboard and start celebrating.

Photograph by Rebecca Sanabria who my youngest child has a huge crush on.
Feliz fin de semana, everyone!

WhoaNelly - Cheers to not working and celebrating munchkin’s birthday!
You inspire me daily…


Jill-Smith-pillowsPillows are now available at Tiny Prints. It’s part of their new Home Décor line that I am happy to design for. This one is my favorite. It comes in a variety of colors, and you can also add personalized text on there such as your family name. I decided to keep mine plain. It lives in my studio and I may or may not have napped on it last Tuesday. Yay for happy pillows!

Here are a few links I found showing how other families are styling their Tiny Prints pillows.
Oleander and Palm
 ::: Zelma Rose ::: My Blessed Life

Purchase this pillow for your happy home here.
See all pillows available at Tiny Prints here.
Photograph by Brooke Schwab.