jill-smith-celebrations-01November was a month full of happy celebrations. Not just Turkey Day. My oldest and dearest friend turned 40 and I drooled over Instagram photos of her knocking out some beautiful yoga poses in Times Square. She inspires me. My stellar Dad celebrated his 70th birthday and ended the evening by whacking a piñata with his grandkids. He is still so young and so fun. November also brought my wedding anniversary. Nine years ago we were with a small group of our family and friends in Costa Rica saying yes, YOU, for life. And I’m so glad we did.
Here are some photos of my little family. They make me the happiest girl of all, even when they stick their heads under my skirt instead of smiling at the camera. They always know how to get the best shots.
Photography by Brooke Schwab.

Man-O-Man - Your inspiration runs deep! Thank you:)


Jill-Smith-holiday-launch-01Remember when I promised there’d be more to come on my 2014 holiday collection? Well, here you go. I’m so happy to have this collection out for families and friends to explore and enjoy. This year there are more personalization options than ever before. If you love a design with one photo that says, “Merry Christmas”, but would prefer it have three photos and say, “Happy Holidays”…no problem. If you fall for a design shown in black and white, there’s a good chance you can find it in red or green as well. You can choose between different size cards and different types of paper. You can pick from many photo layouts the one that best fits your needs. There are add-ons like envelope liners. There are two different kinds of address labels and even a postage stamp. You just might make yourself a little giddy clicking away to see how many different ways you can personalize one design. Oh and if you don’t want to address and mail the finished product yourself, just ask Tiny Prints and they will kindly do it for you. Let’s get these cards ordered now so you can soak in the joy of the upcoming season.


Explore my 2014 Holiday photo card collection for Tiny Prints here.
Explore my 2014 Holiday photo card collection for Shutterfly here.

More paper goods to spread the cheer:
Holiday party invitations
Corporate Holiday cards
Holiday thank you cards

Gift ideas:
iPhone cases, personalized stationery, notebooks, notepads, thank you cards, pillows, coffee mugs

Tiny Prints is offering a 40-percent discount off any holiday card plus corresponding address labels and gift tags. Use code HOLCARDS40 at checkout.Offer expires 12/31/2014 (11:59 P.M. PT). May not be combined with any other offers and may only be used once.

jenny - You never cease to amaze me with your amazing talent friend! I LOVE your work!!!

GiddyUp - Darn, I just got giddy reading your post. I feel like some eggnog now. CHEERS!

A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT » Jill Smith - […] to celebrate the upcoming launch of her new TV show, Dinner at Tiffani’s, and the launch of my holiday card collection and home décor. We thought that food and décor would be a great excuse to get a small group of […]


“I really regret playing,” said no one ever. Here is where I will share a photo that could make me happy forever. If you’d like to see all of the photos in my PLAY, PLAY, PLAY series, click here.

{ Fire pole. Also know as a “dinner is ready” pole. }
Feliz fin de semana everyone!
Photograph by Brooke Schwab.

The Dude - What sound does happy make?


Jill-Smith-little-things-01I’m a huge fan of little things that add happiness to my day. These tiny wooden creatures were delivered to my doorstep by a very old and dear friend. How nice is that? They’ve been sitting on my desk, silently cheering me on this morning while I work.

This got me thinking about two other little things that are getting quite big that add the most happiness to my days. My little munchkin kiddos are changing daily and growing up quickly but their little voices still say the most wonderful little things. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

“When you coughed it really scared my ear.”

“Mommy, that man just glittered.” (littered)

“Actually, I do it myself.”

“But mommy, I haven’t had a marshmallow in 100 days.”

“Is edamame very healthy or medium healthy?”

“Chicken poop excuse me.”

“Swing me your highest big so I can reach the clouds.”

See my Pinterest board with loads of little lovely things to look at here.
Photograph by Brooke Schwab.