The Brand For as long as Jill can remember, her parents told her to find a really charming house in a really charming city, then work and sell art downstairs and live upstairs. While she didn’t follow that advice exactly, she came pretty close. Founded in 1998, she began this company to create a work life that also worked for her life. To avoid sitting in traffic for a long daily commute. To be happy and inspired by work. To create beautiful things while wearing pajamas. To work really hard while also having fun. The resulting brand and designs she creates have a lightness complemented with a strong sense of design and are often finished with an unexpected twist. Her hope is for people to use Jill Smith products to make happy connections.
The Person Jill is a child at heart and welcomes life with gigantic open arms. She has vibrant memories of sitting on top of her dad’s drafting table and drawing on really big sheets of paper, riding her big wheel with her big brother until her mom called them home for dinner. She learned a love for traveling at a young age and did so for months at a time as often as her checkbook could handle it for all of those years in her 20’s. She had a small wedding in Costa Rica, marrying a wonderful man with a huge personality. She embraces creativity in her work and her lifestyle and has spent her career blurring the line between the two. These days, Jill’s endeavors include two imaginative kiddos that keep her on her toes and continue to inspire her to see the world through innocent eyes and a joyous heart. She infuses travel into her life as much as possible, hoping her children will see the world as their playground.

The Clients Over the past twenty plus years, Jill’s custom design clients include Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, Mercedez Benz, Kenneth Cole, Tiffani Thiessen, Baby2Baby, Jason Priestley, Padma Lakshmi, New York Life Company, Southwest Airlines and countless more…

Jill Smith stationery products have been created exclusively for Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Target and Costco.