Holiday Card Collection 2022

The holidays are here! Time to order cards for whatever lovely holiday you celebrate. It really is the simplest thing when you think about it. Pick a photo. A photo from your phone. A photo from a gorgeous photo shoot. A sweet photo. A funny photo. A perfect photo. A not-so-perfect photo. Create your cards and send them out to connect and keep up with people you love. We all need more JOY and fun in our lives (and our mailboxes)!

Click any card below and it will take you straight to the page where you can purchase via Tiny Prints or Shutterfly. Most of my designs come with different sentiment options (or you can type your own), multiple photo layouts, color options, foil or glitter options, back design options, and envelopes galore.

Heart Flourishing Christmas Card

Bold Stamped Joy Holiday Card

Beautiful Holiday Holiday Card
To You And Yours Holiday Digital Foil Card

Joyful Holiday Plaid Holiday Card

Candescent Caroling Address Label
Magical Menorah Address Label
Candescent Caroling Address Label

Peaceful Nativity Address Label
Heart Flourish Foliage Address Label
Ski Day Address Label

Glistening Grid Holiday Card
Glistening Grid Holiday Card

All Good Things Holiday Card
Lovely Landscape Holiday Card

Lustrous Linen Holiday Card
Linen Lovelies Holiday Card
Lustrous Linen Holiday Card

Joyful Arch Holiday Card

Bold Shimmering Flakes Holiday Card
Bold Shimmering Flakes Holiday Card

Not As Planned Holiday Card

Branchy Border Holiday Card

New Home Holiday Card
Color Pop Party Thank You Card
Noble Nativity Religious Christmas Card

Luminous Lodges Holiday Card
Luminous Lodges Address Label
Luminous Lodges Holiday Card

Cheerful Wholeness Holiday
Handwritten Headline Christmas Card

Simple Sweet Holiday Card
Simple Sweet Holiday Card

Seasonal Shine Holiday Card
Cheerful Wholeness Holiday

Merrily Wedded Holiday Card
Luminous Love Holiday Card
Peace And Merry Holiday Digital Foil Card

Cocktail Time Stickers

Doggie Delivery Holiday Card
Mod Curves Holiday Card

Color Pop Party Stickers
Whimsical Cutouts Stickers

Bold Stamped Joy Holiday Card
Beaming Blessings Holiday Card
New Home Holiday Card

Bordered Botanicals Holiday Card
Blocked Heart Flourish Holiday Card

Merry Little Heart Address Label
Peaceful Nativity Address Label
Vibrant Joy Address Label

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There are a million books for kiddos and families out there, and some that I am incredibly biased toward because my brother wrote and illustrated them. I’ve gushed on Instagram about Louie & Bear because I love them as characters, and I love that my brother dreamed them up. He’s also created Random Acts of Drawness, I’m Getting a Shark, and You’re Missing It! I love and recommend them all.

For years, I have thought it would be fun to get a kids’ book section going on my blog. Um, but it remains on my to-do list (uncrossed off). So rather than wait until I get it all together, I’d like to just start. Here are three books that have been out for years, and very well loved in our home.

The Book with No Pictures written by BJ Novak
Not gonna lie, I wish I had thought of this concept. This book is a wonderful experience to share, and delightfully simple yet brilliant. It was always highly requested at bedtime by our kiddos. The typography makes the designer in me happy, and saying, “BOO BOO BUTT” makes the mama in me happy.

I’m Just No Good at Rhyming and Other Nonsense written by Chris Harris and illustrated by Lane Smith
This book is hilariously witty. Wooch and I love it as much (if not more) than our kids. There is text in a circular paragraph, repeating (identical) art, and a part where you need to whisper and scream about avocados. My absolute favorite to read out loud is, “I’m Just No Good at Rhyming” (page 2).

The Day the Crayons Came Home written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
I’m a lover of Oliver Jeffers’ art and his Instagram. And this book is equally beautiful in both words and art. Both are inventive and clever and straight up fun. I have vivid memories of reading aloud, “I HAVE BEEN EATEN BY A DOG AND PUKED UP ON THE RUG, Duncan…” many, many times and have never once made it through the sentence without laughing. Its companion book is The Day the Crayons Quit, which is lovely too.

Photography by Rebecca Sanabria, who is always gifting me lovely books.


“I really regret playing,” said no one ever. Here is where I will share a photo that could make me happy forever. If you’d like to see all of the photos in my PLAY, PLAY, PLAY series, click here.

{ Fresh out of the ocean on my 47th birthday. }

Have a great week everyone!
Photograph by Rebecca Sanabria.


Do you ever think about how the “nothing moments” are really the “everything moments”? Our culture focuses so much on the big things that are often meant to impress. But I find more joy in the little things. Sometimes I call them the “Seinfeld moments” because they are snippets of everyday life. But really aren’t those little snippets strung together over the years what matter most?

The conversations I have with my kiddos while we are eating breakfast, or driving home from school or hanging out in our backyard are some of my happiest snippets of life. Over the years, I’ve scribbled some down on random pieces of paper that are all over my house. Here are a few that I especially love…

“Hey Mommy, I want an otter for my birthday. (pause for effect) I’m not lying.”

“I think we just parked in a cloud. But it still feels like air.”

“In New York City you can touch a pigeon if you have a hot dog.”

“I have a goal to high five everyone in my class and the other class in one day. I almost did it today.”

Conversation about our parakeet:
“I put Yeti in my fanny pack.”
Me: “Did you zip it?”
Looks at me in disbelief, “No!”.
(As if zipping it was nuts, but having a parakeet in a fanny pack is completely normal conversation.)

One more from a few years ago that still gets me. You know those radar speed limit signs that display your current speed when driving? They blink if you are going over the speed limit, and remain static if you are driving the speed limit or below? Here’s how it goes every time we see one coming:
“Loooooook MOM!! 36, 38, SLOOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOWN. Get it right on 35. 33, almost….come on. YESSSS! 35!!! See it’s not blinking now. YAAAAAY MOOOOOM!”

See my Pinterest board with loads of little unexpected lovely things to look at here.
Photograph of a little “nothing moment” in our lives by Samantha Wiley.