The holidays are coming, and you might have a zillion things on your to-do list…but I hope you don’t! I hope you find a ton of time to play and hike and snuggle your loved ones. Or at least, you navigate all the busy-ness you do have like a rock star.

And I also hope you make time to send a holiday card. We can all post a photo to social media in a second or two, but this is different. I feel it myself, and I see it with my kiddos as our mailbox fills up. Being able to hold a card that came straight from a loved one connects us in a way we don’t often do these days. If we’re on your mailing list, feel free to send us a holiday card, a Christmas card, a Hanukkah card, a Naw-Ruz card… because sending something that makes you happy—makes us happy! With so much negativity and division between humans these days, this is a tactile reminder of some of the good. Quite literally sending a piece of paper with the sole purpose of wishing people well! How simple and lovely is that? One tiny thing that brings JOY, one act of kindness that hopefully leads to more and more kindness. It connects us and reminds us of the good in people and in the world.

My husband and I stuff and address our Christmas cards together with our kiddos. We talk about the people we are sending them to, we tell stories, we make fun of each other and how crooked they put on address labels. I’m grateful for the time together and the happiness shared.

Click a card below and it will take you straight to the page where you can purchase via Tiny Prints or Shutterfly. And thank you. Your purchase helps my family, and I am so grateful. Let’s all go spread some JOY.