Jill-Smith-little-things-01I’m a huge fan of little things that add happiness to my day. These tiny wooden creatures were delivered to my doorstep by a very old and dear friend. How nice is that? They’ve been sitting on my desk, silently cheering me on this morning while I work.

This got me thinking about two other little things that are getting quite big that add the most happiness to my days. My little munchkin kiddos are changing daily and growing up quickly but their little voices still say the most wonderful little things. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

“When you coughed it really scared my ear.”

“Mommy, that man just glittered.” (littered)

“Actually, I do it myself.”

“But mommy, I haven’t had a marshmallow in 100 days.”

“Is edamame very healthy or medium healthy?”

“Chicken poop excuse me.”

“Swing me your highest big so I can reach the clouds.”

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Photograph by Brooke Schwab.