I have a board on Pinterest called Little Things. Mostly they are little things to make or buy that bring BIG happiness. I have always been someone who saves sentimental items. Our home is full of these little, wonderful items that bring BIG memories to mind and BIG joy to my heart. Some because they remind me of where I traveled to get them. Some remind me of the person that gave them to me. Some I just think are really clever. Just as often, these little things around my house aren’t even things you can see or touch, but are little actions or happenings that lead to BIG feelings of love and gratitude.

Some BIG little things that come to mind are:

• A lost kiddo sock in my grown-up dresser drawer.

• Watering the tiny plants on my kitchen windowsill.

• Hearing my mom swear — it is so rare that always puts a smile on my face!

• Catching raindrops on my tongue with my littles.

• Playlists my husband makes for me.

• Walking to the end of our street to drop a letter in the post box.
Another example of BIG little things are the tiny ceramic bowls in the photo that live in my studio. I could have my paperclips and rubberbands in the standard plastic holders you’d find on most desks, but by putting them in these amazing bowls instead, something as mundane as reaching for a tack makes me happy. And because my very dearest friend gave them to me, I think of her whenever I catch a glimpse of them. On this designer’s scorecard, that’s two huge points.

Whether you’re a designer or not, next time you find yourself looking around your house, start to notice the BIG behind all the little things you see and experience.

Photo by Kennon Evett who has the kindest family of redheads.
Some other sweet, little, ceramic trinket dishes here.