It was a neat treat to see our family on Blue Lily’s blog. We couldn’t like these photographers anymore than we already do. What makes them unique is that they are “everywhere”. So whenever we are in a city they happen to be, we take advantage and sign up. Their website shows you the cities they will be in, the dates, and you select a timeslot. So far my family has done sessions with them in Houston and New York. Hmmm…maybe in 2014 we should stalk them somewhere internationally. They are contagiously happy and up for anything. Hence the “hey, if I paint this huge sign and we run through it…” idea. Basically, they are some people you just WANT to be around.
A little fun fact that Wendy of Blue Lily left out of her blog is that when we ran through this handmade sign, we really couldn’t see anything (or anyone) on the other side. And trust me, we were running. Not lightly prancing or pretending. Running. Not thinking about the fact that she was on the other side looking through a very expensive camera. We trampled her like the famous bulls in Spain. Five people on the ground, grass stains and dirt in mouth. Wendy at the bottom of the pile, smiling. Luckily, no one was hurt and she caught a great moment in time.
Have a great day everyone…make something happen.

Link to download the “Make something happen” image here. May it inspire you like it does me!
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Maybe they’ll be in your city soon? Check here for more details.