It’s neat to see how something gets from someone’s head to a finished design.
Jill Smith design process
Every day and every design is a little different. But I always start in my sketchbook with pencil drawings. Then I move to ink or paint on Rhodia blank paper, which is my favorite at the moment for hand lettering. It’s incredibly white, smooth and just the right thickness. The ink I used here is Daler Rowney in Black. Some days I choose pens over brushes. It just depends on my mood and what agrees with my hand at the moment.
Jill Smith design process
Once it’s dry, I scan it in and manipulate it to work best for the design I have envisioned in my head. Then it’s on to another fun step — layout and color choices.

Happy Bursts design available from Tiny Prints.
Luminous Laughter design also from Tiny Prints.
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria which we shot while eating Jelly Bellies.