“Here come the longest days, when diving boards turn men into boys, when canoes get dragged over gravel to the river, when backyard grills stay on slow cooking all afternoon, when grocery trips are made in swimsuits with wet hair for impulse watermelon purchases, and when the best kind of air conditioning is found on a hammock in the shade.” —quote found on @hattonhenry’s instagram
I love summer. It’s like the weekend of the whole year. We have already vacationed, broken out the sprinklers, spent full afternoons with our forearms sticky from aforementioned impulse watermelon purchases and stubbed our dirty toes countless tearful times. Just like when I was a kiddo myself, I still feel like I get a break for 3 whole months and should be riding my bike to the neighborhood pool every day with my friends.
PS This summery party invitation sums it up well!
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria who should hop on a bike and join me at the neighborhood pool.