A simple craft with your kiddos is no less special and no less creative than one that requires lots of supplies and lots of time. Case and point: Valentine Heart Faces. Yep, its exactly what the name implies—drawing faces on hearts for Valentine’s Day. I cut the hearts, he drew the faces. Simple dimple. While he drew, we chatted about really important things like, “Why do we have eyebrows, Mommy?”
We also got to think about all the special people in our lives who we wanted to give these to. It was such a sweet moment for us to share that wasn’t clouded by complicated instructions or frustrating requirements to do it “right.” Empowering our kids by giving them less so they can explore more on their own is sometimes the absolute best!

Supplies needed: construction paper, scissors, oil pastels or any type of crayon or marker. We used these.
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria who is still not quite sure why we have eyebrows.