jill-smith-holiday-2016It’s that time of year when holiday catalogs fill up our mailbox, and I get lost looking at pretty fireplaces decorated for the season on Pinterest. Um, weird because we don’t have a fireplace.

It’s also that time of year to order holiday cards. Since I work on designing for the holidays pretty much year-round, it is a treat for me to see all the final designs online and finally place the order for our family’s card. We’ve got a tradition in our house where once the cards, liners, stamps and address labels are all here, we set up a Christmas card assembly line. My kids like to stick the stamps on and stuff the cards in the envelopes. Since my oldest kiddo can read the recipient address labels, it always generates great conversation about who the families are that will be receiving our cards. Some he knows very well, gets excited and writes a little extra note on their cards. Some names he doesn’t recognize at all because they might be college friends or friends that we don’t see very often. So, it becomes a chance as a family to chat about the special people in our lives, how we met them and when we might get to visit them again.

Whether you are planning a photoshoot for your family or browsing through a year’s worth of memories to find what photos to include on your holiday card, I hope it all comes together beautifully for you. It makes me so happy to see which design my friends choose for their card year after year. I am grateful to get to be a small part of how people spread joy during the holidays.

I have a Tiny Prints discount code good for 40-percent off your order, plus free shipping. Send an email to hello@jillsmith.com if you’d like me to email the code back to you so you can place your holiday order. Once this is crossed off your list, you can spend the rest of 2016 drinking hot cocoa or cocktails (or both!) with those you love.

Go spread some joy.


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