How can it be October? My mind is still dreaming of summer. There’s no way it’s time to start thinking about the holidays when I haven’t convinced myself yet that I’m not still hiking to a beach to play in the sand.

Buuuut I better get with it. It is October, and I have zero plans of being stressed and rushed, so it’s time to get a few things crossed off my list for the holidays. Like our family holiday card. This post will make it super easy for you to choose one of my designs. Browse through the options, click which one you like and you’ll be magically transported to the page where you can personalize it and buy it.

To make it easier on your bank account, I can offer 40-percent off of your order. I only have a handful of discount codes to share this year, but I’d love for you to have one. Send an email to lickety split, and I’ll email a code back to you until I run out of them.

More than anything, I hope your holidays are spent with those you love and stress-free. Lift each other up, soak in the season and go spread some joy.