Jill-Smith-branding-01For years I was a designer with no designed products for myself. I designed for everyone else, but if you needed to get in touch with me, I was all….um, can I borrow a pen? Oh and let me scribble my info down for you on this scrap of paper from the bottom of my bag. No no don’t worry, it’s only the size of a tic tac, but I can write small. And legibly. Really, hire me to design for you. I’m good. Obviously. See you can read my email and phone number on that tiiiiny piece of trash, and I drew a cat on there. See, I’m witty too. I’ve said this with pen smeared on my face and a 2-year old next to me licking something else he found in the bottom of my bag.
So I decided to change a little bit of that scenario when I found Braizen. I’ve mentioned Braizen before here. We worked hard together and had fun together. I am incredibly grateful for their talent, their wit, and their do-what-they-say-they-are-going-to-do-ness. They are a wonderful company, full of wonderful people.

I now can hand out beautiful cards and even wrap you a present. And hey, for a minute there I forgot how much fun it is to mail real mail. Now I will mail my husband a letter just to say “could you please hand me the remote” because I get to use this stationery and a big sharpie.

You can see Braizen’s thoughts, more photos and even a big testimonial from me here.
Photography by Brooke Schwab.