Jill-Smith-branding-01One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is to work with both talented and kind people. My company branding is featured in the book, How to Style Your Brand, by Fiona Humberstone which was the combined effort of a whole lot of talented and kind people working together. Thanks Braizen for the identity collaboration, Brooke for the branding photos, Rebecca for shooting the book photos and Fiona for the feature.

I think this gorgeous book would be super helpful to business-minded people starting out who have a lot of questions but not a ton of money. And if your brand is already styled to a tee, it’s still informative and just plain fun to look at other brands and see their strategies. As Braizen describes it, “Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, it has something for everyone, well… everyone who wants to create a distinctive brand identity in the spirit of true awesomeness and unique vision.”

Ahem…page 26. Just saying.

Jill-Smith-branding-02How to Style Your Brand book available for purchase here.

Photography by Rebecca Sanabria.