Today is my mom’s birthday. I saved a copy of the letter my dad wrote her on her 50th birthday, 20 years ago (sorry to spill the age beans, mom). He has always hand made her cards for every occasion and written her embarrassingly witty and silly notes. Once when they were in college, he wrote a love letter across an entire roll of tracing paper from end to end and mailed it to her in a tube. He’s made pop-up cards for her and intricately cut cards using an X-acto before laser cut cards were popular. She has so many of these letters saved, but I thought I’d share this one in particular today because it will embarrass her the most. It is full of things that most likely only my family will understand. It is so Smith. It is so my parents. They are quirky and amazingly matched. They make fun of each other and put up with each other. Most of all they love each other.
“….I don’t always remember to check the cars to see if they’re locked….and I don’t always remember to flush the toilet every time I pee and I don’t always put the dishes in the dishwasher the way you want me to….and I sometimes get upset when the kids do something that irritates me.”

“…I’m glad we’re husband and wife and I hope you continue to have many more birthdays and we continue to have many more years together. I sure do love you. I can’t believe you’re 50 years old and I’m 49.”

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you, and hope I can be as wonderful a mom to my kiddos as you are to me.