People often ask me what card I send out for my family at Christmas. So I thought it would be fun to show you the card we sent last year.
I went with the Premium DoubleThick Matte paper from Tiny Prints because I wanted to add a little something fancy in contrast to the casual design. I chose the solid navy back design because it complimented our photos so well. If I had opted for no back photos, I would have definitely used the patterned back design to add interest as well as color to compliment the front design.
Oh, and see that small smudge of darker blue there on the back of the card? That’s not part of the design. It’s where I licked the card to get it to stick to my head. Always extremely professional photo shoots around here!

What card will you be sending this year?

This card can be found here.
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Photography of my family by the adventuresome Blue Lily.
Photography of me and the slightly slobbered on cards by mi amiga, Rebecca Sanabria.