These buttons were designed as a small take-away gift for a job I did last year. The team was looking for something fun, not breakable and not too expensive that each guest who visited the space could take home to keep. I placed hundreds of these buttons in a clear bin with a decal on the wall above that said ‘take one’. They worked beautifully and added such a happy little extra to the whole experience.

Bonus of the gig is that my kids thought they were pretty cool too. They’ve put them on their backpacks and their jackets, and we’ve given some as gifts too.

Button art designed by me and the lovely Angie Coussirat of Noted. And ordered from Shutterfly.
Clear plastic Looker Bin (not pictured) from the Container Store. I used the largest one.
Photography by Rebecca Sanabria, who I would definitely give the “you rock” button to!